Semicolons in gcode filenames break web GUI

When I upload a gcode via WEB UI on my Ender V3 KE, which contains semicolons, the web UI doesn’t show any saved gcodes anymore and I can’t start a print via web. On the printer I can see the uploaded file fine and can probably start printing it.
As soon as I remove the file from the internal storage, the web ui works again.

I couldn’t test it any further because I ran out of time, but it could also be that it’s broken because of a long file name. My example gcode filename:
E3;2x;strax carrier 0.13;JAYO PLA+ Gruen;32m31s;12.14g;0.2mm;215C;65C;20240129-140304.gcode

Hi @psy185 and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend shortening the filename, if file names are too long printers cant always read the file.

Hi Nikoli, thank you :slight_smile:

I did some further testing and it’s definitely the semicolon (:wink: and also pound (#). I do it like this because I copy the name into a spreadsheet, which extracts the information automatically and logs the prints. But for now I could use double underscores as a delimiter in Excel (the object name could also contain an underscore, that’s why I use two).
The length was no problem so far.

Also, I found this:

It’s a bit disappointing, but I can live with it.

Is there a way for automatic print logging out of Orca Slicer?

Glad to hear you were able to diagnose the issue. Its very common for printers not to deal with special characters as usually they are only used for comments/notation within the code. It could be that the semi-colons were effectively commenting out the entire file code.

The printer itself takes logs of each print so I am not sure doing it in a slicer is neccessary. If you access the web UI of the printer you will see a File tab, if you click on History is will show you a list of all print history.

That makes sense…

I like to have more detailed statistics, like filament and power cost per print, deviation from slicing prognoses (planned weight/duration vs. actual weight/destination) and so on. But maybe I will develop a way to extract the information from the gcode comment section itself…

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