Send Home and beep command via Gcode

I would like to generate a beep in GCODE on a falcon 2 22W.
I’ve tried M300 P500, but it does not work.

I also want to send a homing command, but the G28 does not work (well it goes in the 0 0, but it does not do a homing sequence).

Also how to check the currently installed firmware version ?

Note: I’m using lightburn connected directly to the machine. but I can’t find a way to do the hom command when I start a new cut, and I want a beep at the end of work.

Have you tried to check the console when you hit the Home button?
It should spit out whichever command it sent to the console and you should be able to repeat through that same console.

As for the beep, I have no clue how the Falcon handles the default G-Code.
If you find it, please let me know :smiley:

The console is showing $H for the homing.
I’ll give that a try tomorow (I(m not next to the laser right now).

I’m connected remotely to my Falcon 2 22w using the Mintion LaserCam. Using the LaserCam web interface, under the console, I tried sending $H and it worked. It homed, moved a bit, and home again - exactly how it does from regular homing using either the home button on the Falcon, or from LightBurn - I guess they all use this “behind the scene”.

Now, before anybody complains about using a remote connection on a laser engraver, please rest assured that I only use the cam as a (expensive…yes) way of skipping the sd card swapping. the Mintion lasercam has a web interface where I can control the laser, but also manage gcode files. Since my computer is literally at the other end of the house and my laser engraver is in the garage, this is a great way of handling multiple files. I was doing this before using a RaspberryPi and Octoprint but there were a couple things I couldn’t get to work - however it is a great (cheaper) alternative!

I’ve also found a post about another brand of laser and from LightBurn, the guy was using G28.2 XY to home his laser. (Gcode commands to home Cohesion3D with endstop switches - #8 by Nixiebunny - Smoothieware - LightBurn Software Forum)
I tried sending this to the Falcon but it didn’t do anything…

I couldn’t find anything about the beep. If you find it, please let us know!

Found this GRBL v1.1 g-code quick reference - no mention of beep/bell.

So, adding the $H in the GCODE start in the option works fine for the homing.
I still have no idea for the beep

Thanks for your help

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Haven’t had time to test on a 3D printer yet but would this work…?:

G4 P[time in milliseconds]
M300 P[time in milliseconds]

Do any of the 3D printers have a speaker…?

Just tried it on my K1 Max and didn’t make a sound…

M300 P500
G4 P1000
M300 P100
G4 P500
M300 P100


Although both are called G-Code, I am not sure if Printers and Laser (Grbl) share all the same G-Code.
Sending my printer Home (G28) code on the laser engraver (at least the Creality one) doesn’t work, but $H does. However, on my Creality printer $H doesn’t work…
But thanks for the info :slight_smile: It would be so much simpler if they both shared these base codes…


Taking a look at the GRBL v1.1 Quick Reference, there is no code for a tone/beep.

GRBL only supports a subset of G-code commands.