Sermoon v1 and ABS print failure

Hi - I am looking for advice on how to get my Sermoon v1 to properly print ABS.
In short, the issue I am struggling with is that the print does not stick well enough to the print bed (usually the edges turn up shortly after the first layers and all goes downhill from there).
Here is what I tried:

  • a different ABS filament
  • print bed glue
  • maxing out print bed temperature to 80°C (the max on this model - which however is speced to accept ABS prints)
  • lowering print speed
  • printing brims and rafts for my models
    None of this is working so I am a bit at a loss on the next steps…
    Open to ideas!

Hi @xgastaud welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with ABS. I have a feeling your bed temperature may be a little low for ABS. I havent used ABS myself but here are some recommendations for temperatures and also bed adhesion…
Recommended nozzle: 220-250c
Recommended bed: 95-110c
Bed adhesion aids: Kapton tape or ABS slurry.

You will also likely need to turn off your part cooling fan to prevent warping.

PEI beds are supposed to work best with ABS filaments too. Powder coated beds dont work as well with ABS.

Hope that helps in some way :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nikoli ,

I really appreciate your taking the time to share some suggestions.

I’ve read about bed temperature needing to be higher (95-110) than what this printer can do (80max) but as the printer is advertised as being compatible with ABS I am still hopeful there is something I can do.

I will order some Kapton tape to see if that makes a difference.



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You are very welcome @xgastaud

You might find that there are certain ABS filaments that will work with a bed temp of 80 so hopefully you find something that works for you.

Fingers crossed the kapton tape might solve the issue and allow you to enjoy printing again :slight_smile:

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