Short sides bends out

I wonder if somebody can tel me whats the problem here?

I made this shape in Freecad and printed it on a Creality 3 v3SE, but both short sides bends out in the opposite directions.

Whats the issue here?

This can often be caused by under cooling or printing too fast. You may also find that changing the orientation that it is printed will help as it could be caused by the way the air from the part cooling fan is hitting the model, rotating by 90 degrees may solve the issue too.

Thanks! I will remember next time I`m printing!

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Hello @hyl77Swe

Did you ever get that shape you made to print out ok…?

In this case I cheated a little. I put the shape I had and heated it up on the printbed and forced it in angle with som metal angles.

I have another similar shape; a bit smaller I will print out probably after Christmas and will test the advice Nikoli gave.

Thanks for the update.
Good idea to use the heat…! Hopefully you guys can figure out how to keep that from happening…

Looks like a project box for some electrical contraption… :thinking: :+1:
Looks good so far…

I printed a new shape, a box for a PWM DC Controller. The first shape is a L-angle and it had a small tendency to bend towards the extruder (front). The second is more like a box and I see no problems with it. I made attention to what Nikoli wrote. I actually had a large piece of carton, like a wall in half circle around the printer to avoid any wind/ draw from the room. The fan on the printer don`t have much power I think.

It`s not a perfect print but I can use it.

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