Silent fans from Creality

Anyone tried these from Creality? I’m thinking about it on my SE at the very least.

I did order one. But it never showed up never really got the money back in the end as they kept closing the case saying it’s with customs. Went for a 24 v Noctua fan in the end. Keep looking at my SE thinking I want to get a better fan but still looking at shroud options for it. What you using

I am still on stock fans on the SE. Did look at Noctua, but could only find 12V. Want to get new fans as the SE and KE are quite noisy for fans.

Is this the Noctua you meant?

That’s the spec on them I got mine from the below

It runs on my Neo fine.

It’s a shame the standard for the SE and KE is the 2510 means you have little choice for direct replacement be nice if you could fit a 4010 in without the hassle.

I shall have to scribble up an adaptor :slight_smile:

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Let me know what you come up with and how it plays

On the se I think the part cooling will need to be moved over to give it the room. Haven’t managed to look much into it though

Possibly couple it with this 5015 adaptor on Thingiverse OK the aesthetics are now completely lost.

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Yeah it looks alright with the stock shrouds, nothing looking smooth yet for it at least what I’ve seen anyway.