Slicer Creality Print Version 4

in Creality Print V3 is the possibilityto place text on or in the surface (embossed or engraved – out or in).
This possibility is missing in Version 4!
I miss this option see picture Version 4

I have this version The text function is still there…

I have deinstall and install again, but I see only what you see in my picture. I have install the Version like you.
Yes Text is working, but only in embossed, also on the top of the surface.
Can you make a picture like me, please?

If you say it’s working then I don’t understand what problem you are having…

I want in engraved mode– like in version 3 –, inside the Surface, like inside a ring.

Embossed is outside of the a surfce, you can touch this.

ok… Sorry. I see what you mean now. You are right…! I tried to do that in Creality Print but it won’t accept a negative number for engraving. I have used Tinkercad to do that kind of stuff. You can adjust text to go below the surface… It might be helpful for what you are doing…

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Ok, was a missunderstandig between us. :slight_smile: In Version was working fine.
Wish you a nice day.