Slicer settings

I recently purchased and Ender-3 SE, however I ended up setting the slicer program for a K1.
When I discovered the error, I also discovered that the maximum speed for the K1 is 300 but the maximum for the SE is only 180. Of course this is reflected in the printing time.

My question is: Will it damage anything to continue using the higher speed (K1) setting??

I ran the KE version of Benchy, the 15 minute one, on my SE, it did not like it at all. I was wondering if I can put the KE firmware onto the SE, same machine mostly.

Nope, you can see here: that is being test with 650mm/s speed.

And depending on which slicer you use you will notice that the 300 speed will be mostly for the infill region, unless you change it manually all. The walls, top and bottom layers has a lower speeds.

For non quality pieces I run at 200, but at the speed that you are running you will need to check the Cooling system to ensure each layer cool faster enough to avoid melting issues/blobs.