Smartplug and octoprint

Dear all
I have been using the philips hue smartplug for some time now to control the psu of the printer via octoprint. All was going well as long as I was using PLA. The last couple of days however, I had to print ABS and heated the bed to 110 degree C. I experienced that the hue plug switched everything off. Apparently the heating of the bed to such a temperature drew away to much wattage (the hue supports a max of 2300 watt)… which seems to me to be high enough. Anyway, several attempts to use the combination of the hue plug ended up in the same way… namely printer being switched off because plug switched off. I saw somewhere that the TP-link smartplug can also be used but am unsure whether this plug doesn’t suffer from the same strange effect, i.e. switching off when heating the bed. Does anyone have experience in this field? Can the tp-link smart plug do the job I am looking for?

B regards

For those amongst us that might experience the same problem, it wasn’t the hue plug that was causing the problem but a setting in the software that switched off the plug in case a certain temperature threshold was reached. By increasing the threshold, the problem also disappeared.

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