Sonic Pad and Creality CRCC -S7 Webcam connected but no video

Greetings Creality Forum,
I’m new loving world … just a few hicups, learning curb all is good

Hi have Ender 3 S1 pro, sonic pad, and Creality web camera (came with the Creality Smart Kit 2.0) hooked up.
I can still print ok, the webcam says its connected but there is no video showing (niether on the sonic pad or the web UI). I have tried to troubleshooting the webcam, works well if hook it to a computer.
The Creality Smart Kit 2.0 mainly for the camera should send it back n get different camera. (Didn’t realize I would get Wi-Fi with sonic pad)
I would appreciate assistance to resolve this issue .

Blessings and Guidance

Hi @Blaz3-a-P and welcome to the forums!

Here is a video guide showing how to connect and setup a web cam with the Sonic Pad, hope it helps :slight_smile:

How To Connect A Camera To Your Sonic Pad