Sonic pad and sprite extruder

Hello, Im not sure this is where to ask but ive seen a few people with similar issues on some post here but never saw answers to them. I have a Ender 3 max neo running a sonic pad and a sprite extruder. i set it up and was printing fine for a month or so, then i got busy with irl and the printer sat idle for a bit. When i go to turn it back on it has me go thru all the steps like it was reset. I did all the steps and as i went to print a benchy it was not extruding. So i remembered there is a extruder option in the sonic pad to tell the pad your running a sprite extruder i go to change it and it does not seem to be saving. i go back into the same settings and under extruder it says customization. and not sprite extruder…any help would be greatly appreciated. and please dont tell me to go a different route cus i already have the sonic pad and its amazing when it works :slight_smile: