Sonic pad gives an error on auto z offset procedure

Can anyone with a sonic pad tell me why I get an error when doing the auto z offset? The error is “ceramic pressure sensitive mistrigger”. I know there’s a ceramic pressure sensor in the z probe, but does this mean it’s bad?

I’d check that the sensor board is properly connected, you’ll need to remove the bed to get to it.

OK, but I had absolutely no issue before I hooked it up the the Sonic Pad. I’ve been printing with this printer for months. I also have a second printer. They’re both V3 SE’s and both connected to the Sonic Pad. The second printer has no issue at all.

I checked the sensor board connection and it’s fine. I tried the auto z offset and it still gives the error. I uploaded the log to Creality. The strange thing is that the auto leveling works just fine.