Sonic Pad updated today - Fails to print since

Hi all,

First post here, hoping someone can help.

My E3 S1 Pro has been performing great with the Sonic Pad till the pad was updated today. Since that I can see gcode files from a USB stick as usual, and can select a file to print. From there on hitting ‘Print’ nothing happens.
I tried reprinting a file from ‘Print History’ and that was fine. So I’ve hit factory reset and started everything from scratch, same issue.

Can anybody help?

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Update: I’ve found that I can print ok using the UI on a laptop via the network. This fault is limited to reading from USB, which is my preferred method.

I have the same issue with my Ender 3 S1 after reinstalling my firmware last weekend. I cannot print from the USB even though the Sonic pad sees the files on the USB stick. I found that I can save a file from the USB to “Local” on the Sonic pad and print from there, though I too prefer using the USB. I contacted Creality and received a email form letter on how to install the software. Not helpful. I am going to work on the issue. Please let me know if you resolve the problem and I will do likewise.

Hi Abner, will do.
My issue remains as reported, with the addition that using the web UI is not reliable as it fails to reliably retain the WiFi passwords, needing it to be punched in maybe half of the times it’s used. A fail to connect to it even when it’s online and the IP address checked is also a common problem.
Failing to connect to the printer a lot is another Sonic Pad issue I’m getting, sometimes when powering up, sometimes randomly when just waiting for an instruction or during preheats, and every time I try to start a print after one has just completed. All through the serial cable.

Glitchy as heck overall tbh, Creality purchases in the future are going to need more thought as this is leaving a bad impression on me.

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Same issue here, is there any answer from creality yet on how to fix it?

I wish I never updated today, this is the second Creality item that does not work (laserhead is burning the house down, since it is burning out of control) as it needs. This has cost me allot of money by now. Thinking of dropping them altogether if these issues do not get fixed soon.