Sonic Pad webhooks error stopping print

Recently got a Sonic Pad and it updated to the latest firmware once it was plugged in via RJ45 to the LAN. It’s starting to really annoy me due to the frequent stops due to a webhooks error.

The Sonic pad is connected to an Ender 3 S1 Pro vai the front USB C port, I’ve tried 2 different USB cables and it’s still stopping at random points during a print, the print I’m currently doing as I type this it’s stopped 4 times already.

Any solutions to the issue or should I just send the Sonic Pad back?

I had it before but it turned out to be a non-compliant webcam. Have you anything else connected other than the printer?

Something is clearly disrupting the comms to the printer but if this only started happening since you connected the RJ45 then is sounds like some app or other device is scanning from the network or possibly causing a network collision by the IP address being possibly used by another device.

If you have a net scanner app of some form watch the network activity next time you send a print and see which app or hardware requests are the ones causing the drop in comms and correct from there.

Hope this can help.