Sonic Pad webhooks request constant crashing ender 3 S1 plus

OK pretty PO’ed, I have had an ender 3 S1 plus for about 2 years now with no issues everything stock.
Just got the sonic pad to speed up prints ect. After the Install process, constantly getting crashes from “shutdown due to webhooks request”. Happens during idle, prints ect.
I have reset everything to factory multiple times reinstalled firmware so on and so on, nothing I do fixes the problem. 99% sure it’s not the board, because it’s worked flawlessly until the sonic pad. Either this is firmware issues on the sonic pad or board. There is nothing online about this issue. everything keeps saying to reset and reload firmware. “Pretty obvious first step!”
For the love of god will someone please tell me there is a solution or give me an idea on what the next step should be before i throw this thing into a bombfire!
I’ve spent over 4 days trying to figure this out.

Second note sometimes it works fine for about 8 hours then out of nowhere it won’t stop crashing non-stop.

The reddit thread for this exact issue has no solution as usual just reset to factory WELL NO SH!T we wouldn’t be here if that was the solution!

Also one other random problem, if G-Code file is over a a certain length of characters or has a space in it, refuses to read or print file from sonic pad. Have to rename the file from the sonic pad before it will print. This happens on multiple slicers.

Try a different connecting cable. i had a dodgy one for my Ender 5+, it still crashes occasionally but better than before.

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Changed my USB cable. Works like a charm now, Thanks!!