Sprite direct drive extruder pro for cr-10 smart supposed to come with mounting hardware?

Hey i just bough the sprite pro direct drive extruder and hotend kit for my CR-10smart from a reprap store here in Edmonton, Canada, and im curious if anyone knows whether not its supposed to come with a new xcarriage and rollers since unless im really missing something which i could be ha it doesn’t fit on the old one…my understanding was that there were 2 kits a guy could get, one was just the extruder and the other one which is the one i got had the extruder and the hotend preassembled along with what it needs to mount to the printer, i received the preassembled hotend and extruder but no mounting hardware of any kind and i can’t find just that for sale anywhere at all (certainly not from reprap where i bought the thing) i don’t see anything that says its incompatible with the CR-10smart just a blurb that says this is not a conversion kit for the ender 3 which mine is not, what do you guys figure?

Hi @XxShad00wXx and welcome to the forums!

Yes usually the kit comes with a x carriage bracket which allows you to mount the hotend to the gantry rail. You may have luck contacting the retailer and asking them if they can send you the mounting carriage.

In regards to the CR-10 S… as far as I know the Sprite is not compatible due to the motherboard not having all the connections required for the hotend and also I believe that the CR-10 S uses a 12v supply rather than a 24v supply which is used in most of the printers that the Sprite is compatible with. There may be a different board available for the CR-10 S but I am not aware of them.

Good luck and hope that helps.