Stringing retraction problem - Creality CR-10S Pro


I’m having a problem with shrinkage…

I use PLA filament and Cura software but I always have stringing more or less visible depending on the settings.

The best temperature is 185C but it doesn’t go away…

I’ve tried lowering and raising the print temperature, the plate temperature, the movement speed and the retraction distance, but nothing works.

I didn’t have this problem with my other Ender 3 Pro printer.

I even changed the nozzle in the hope that it would solve the problem, but the stringing is still there.

Do you think this is a malfunction? Do you have any recommendations for this printer?

If you can solve this problem I will be very grateful,

Thank you very much,

Hello @drea33 ,
Welcome to the Creality Forum,

Admittedly I’m pretty new to 3D printing and one of my first issues was stringing. I have a K1 Max and set the nozzle temp pretty much all the time to 220 C for PLA. I noticed you set nozzle temp to 185C. Maybe bump that up some more. I also set the retraction to 1 mm and retraction speed to 40 mm/s. Now this is on a different printer and the Creality Slicer but it made a big difference. Your mileage may vary but just some suggestions to change a few settings maybe…
Let us know if you get it cleared up.

Here’s an article I’ve read with hopefully some helpful tips:

Stringing Problems and Solutions

Hello @jimandyen

Thank you for your reply. I did a temperature turn from 190 to 230C degrees. I had stringing everywhere… When I lower the retraction distance to 0.5 the stringing is thicker…
I also heated the wire, hoping it was the humidity… But no

I also changed software with Simplify3D with settings for this printer but I still have stringing (more discreet but present…)

Maybe the problem is the 3D printer. I also changed the nozzle, but it’s still there.

Wow. Looks like you covered everything.

Not sure if these will help but I found these settings online:


Maybe post a pic of this.
Check the Z axis also…

Hi Jimandyen, i have three Ender 3 Neo’s my retraction is set to 6.0, zero stringing.
Did you also remove the bush in front of the spring on the extruder, I have done this on all my NEO’s and never have filament gripping problems, you will be amazed how few print failures you have with the bush removed. With the bush fitted the extruder puts more pressure on the filament and especially during long (3-8mm) retractions the filament gets crushed and starts slipping, removing the bush reduces the pressure.
to remove the bush

  1. take out the screw that holds the spring in place (located on the extruder)
  2. carefully slide the spring to the side until you can remove the bush ( the bush is the bit the screw fits into.
  3. refit the spring and screw.


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Nice fix @Shane and Welcome to the forum… Thanks for sharing that tip…!!

I think @drea33 would be interested in your fix…

Is the “bush” the same as bushing…?

the “Bush” is a small piece of metal that fits over the top spring and has a threaded hole that the screw passes through to hold the spring in place, the thickness of the top of this bush increases the length of the spring and therefore increases the arm pressure on the filament.
I will take a photo tomorrow if you still need clarification.


Ok great… That would be good for some others who might want to check it out… Thank you…!!

sorry for the late reply, seems as a newbie

can only post 5 or 6 messages then had to wait 24 hours before i could post again

the “bush” can be seen inside the spring, remove the bush to lower the pressure on the filament, this will stop extrusion issues, as it stops the filament from slipping after small retractions.

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Basically the filament gets crushed too much and eventually slips during retraction

Ok. I see what you are talking about… Thanks…