Stuck in boot cycle with unknown cause

I just put a new board in and did a successful print last week. Today I was setting up to do another print (leveling the board). All of a sudden it started blaring the alarm and flashed a code. I believe it was something like x-02 or something like that but I’m not sure. I cut the power and rebooted, alarm came back on, waited 5 min then got no alarm but just strange noises from the steppers. Waiting another five minutes and was able to get to info screen but pressing the button crashes it and causes to reboot again. Any ideas? Bad board?

Videos of issue :

Update : I turned it on last night again and now it boots, however, the button press doesn’t respond but oddly enough turning the knob responds like normal. I’m at a loss here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Sorry missed this tbh, what printer what board, after the new board what firmware was flashed, a bits left out from your post.

Sounds like maybe a short has fried the board but as it’s new it’s likely it just need to know what to do.

Please advise on what you have done, what the printer is and what hardware modifications you have for (or have been done that you know of)

Videos suggest a ender 3 v1 with direct drive

It is indeed a Ender 3 V1 with the upgraded board (V4.2.7) and direct drive. Made it though a print and went insane when I was setting up the next print. I’m going to pull the board and try to see if there are any faults

If you have swapped the board out I would just double check the connections haven’t just come a bit loose due to vibrations when it ran

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