Suitable replacement power supply unit for Ender 3 Neo?

Hi all, I’m new to the forum. I’m fairly new to 3D printing, and just got my first 3D printer a few days ago. I’ve slowly been trying to assemble it, but my progress has been slowed a little because while trying to screw in the top half of the power supply unit, I think I may have damaged the thread in order to screw it in, and even after failed repair attempts, it wouldn’t screw in at all. And I doubt the warranty would cover that sort of thing.
I’m looking for a replacement for the power supply unit, but I’ve realised that I have very little idea what is and isn’t compatible with an Ender 3 Neo. I have an idea on voltage and wattage and whatnot, but I’m still not sure what PSU I need, what’ll fit the frame and go through the screw holes, etc. Do regular Ender 3 replacement PSUs work for this sort of thing? Does anyone have any recommendations or advice for replacement of the power supply unit please?

Ender-3 Neo Assembly & Tutoruial Video

Service tutorial Ender - 3 Neo the power supply replacement