Support enforcer file import does not attach to model

When I import the stl for a support enforcer designed for a particular model, it appears in an arbitrary spot in the space. In other slicers like prusa the enforcers lock on to the model when I import them. How do I made them go where they are supposed to be on the model before slicing?

I’ve gotten the enforcers to line up where they ought to be by setting their STL model import to the same XY coordinates as the main model. Now I can’t seem to get the slicer to only support the enforcers model, and even though I set tree style supports in my print profile I’m still getting blocky crystal looking supports that go right up through the enforcer model into the main model when i slice it.

To be honest I would use OrcaSlicer if you are dealing with complex supports or want variable layer height. The basic stuff works in Creality print but the supports are still a bit of an issue.

Thanks for that, pretty much what I was expecting, I was just hoping I’d missed something in there. I didn’t have much luck transferring my calibration settings to Prusa, between some slightly different naming conventions and my lack of experience. It’s too bad because my creality slicer prints all came out so gorgeous with such low effort. Relatively low at least.