Surface Plate damaged

I damaged the surface plate on my Ender-3 S1, it has a small hole in the middle of it, like 2-3 mm diameter, can i still use it if i print around it?

And the second question is, I found replacements that are not the original surface plate from ender, without the 2 pockets at the top for the screws, just a simple square, cand i unscrew the screws and use that? Or do you recommend me to buy the original one?

Do you have a picture you can show?

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Right now I can’t, I’ll get back to you with a photo tomorrow. Thank you!

Hello, this is the damaged plate

That’s the build plate which you can swap out with others.
Here’s a link to a creality one:
If you find a plate without notches then just cut your own out using tin snips or any other appropriate tools. I’m not sure if you can remove the screws. I guess you can but I haven’t tried.

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