Temp reading incorrect for printing Ender 3

Hey. New to here. I signed up because i have been scratching my head for a while now over my Ender 3…
Has been working amazingly however lately I’m having to print at 175degrees rather than the standard 200degree for pla?
I have changed my psu and thermistor but to no effect it still requires a lower temp to print with all my different brands of pla?
I have also tried a new heater cartridge but nothing, the issue still stands?

I notice also that the finish is quite poor and it is leaving lots of little pitting marks on each layer?

Does anyone understand what may be causing this?

Hi, @auzzyboy Welcome to the Creality Community.There is no way to answer your question because you have not seen the printed model. We recommend contacting customer service with a photo of the model dent.

Service Center:

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