Text Tool not accepting spaces.

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I’m using Creality Print V5.1.0.9484 and when trying to use the TEXT TOOL, I cannot add SPACES. Ie: I want to add to my model the word VIA ARTO but it does not accept the space. I’ve tried to paste from a notepad with no luck. Is this a BUG or a Feature? :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if it’s a bug or by design but I can’t get it to work in any version. I use 4.xxx and 5.xx

In version 4.xx what you have to do is create your word “VIA” and then move the box over to create a space and then create a new word “ARTO” Not exactly what you were wanting but the only way I could do it for now. Now I couldn’t get this method to work in 5.xx. for some reason.
One of the reasons I use both as 5.x is not very well refined yet… :cry:

You can install and run version 4.xx as a separate program on the PC. They won’t interfere with each other…

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Hello @jimandyen
Yes, I can do it, but it’s not what I want. I’ve tried the Orca Slicer and it works flawless.
Is there a way to formal report the bug to Creality?

In Creality Print 5.xx there is a feedback tool that I just used to report that bug. It seemed like it was broken so it switched me to a chat where they said it would be checked and possible fixed in the next version. We’ll see how that goes… :upside_down_face:

You could try that also.
The Creality team reads the feedback in this forum about the software so they would be aware of that bug.

@ValdecirCarvalho You can also let Creality know about it here:
Creality Print Discussion.