The Grinch Upscaled

  • Model: Grinch Figure
  • Printing Machine: Ender 3 Max Neo w/ Sonic Pad
  • Selected materials: Ender PLA+ filament
  • Print settings: 4 walls, 25% infill
  • Time spent on printing: 7 parts and 165 hours of print time, several hours of sanding and paining
  • Description: I made this for the worlds biggest Grinch fan’s collection. The model was purchased and upscaled ~500%, it needed a bit of re-meshing to work at this scale. It took 6 rolls of filament and 4 cans of fill and sand primer.
  • Original Designer:* Country/Region: USA


Reallly Grinchy looking… Came out great…!

How tall is that thing…?

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Thanks. It ended up being 30" tall.

Impressive print :+1:

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Beautiful print. Great job!!

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Thank you, I give all the credit to the Sonic Pad on my Ender 3 Max Neo.

Wonderful print! Now add some led’s to the eyes to make them glow! :wink:


Does yours very occasionally crash? Mine does but it is infrequent and not really a bother.

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Yes, I printed a USB bracket that holds the serial connection in Sonic Pad better and it greatly reduced the crashes. I actually just had a crash today for no apparent reason though.

Looks creepy, I like it.

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Thank you. It’s definitely one of my favorite prints so far.

Saw this post on reddit. Where did you get this file, you didn’t answer? I would like to print this for my daughter.

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This print is so amazing I love it! Wow cool beans

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It’s from cults 3D. Evil Smile Grinch is the title.