The NEW batch of Creality stickers is hitting the scene! 🔥🚀

Introducing the latest batch of Creality stickers! :rocket:

Huge thanks to our talented design team for these awesome ‘Cuva’ stickers! Get ready for the second wave and stay tuned for the third wave featuring cartoon 3D printers.

Want the complete set? Drop a comment below to register your interest! :tada::fire:


Stickers look good…! Very Creative… :smiley:

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Hey! I received an email with your response on Quiz Game but cannot find on the forum to read it full and response you. :sweat_smile:

Oh Yeah… Welcome to the Creality Forum… :smiley:

Saw your artwork on Creality Cloud… Looks good…!!

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Thanks! Discovered it through the quiz game.
Will upload some Christmas designs this week on Creality Cloud. Stay tuned!

Hello everyone,

The Second batch of Cuva stickers has been uploaded! Feel free to download and use them.
Cuva stickers (second batch).zip (126.2 KB)

Additionally, we’ve designed a Cuva Pixel Art Painting, available for free download. Please click the link below.

Happy downloading!

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Stickers are amazing !