The printer does not start printing

When starting a print, my CR-10 S Pro V2 calibrates the platen and once finished, it stops and does not continue any further.
The % progress bar continues but not the machine…
Can anyone help me???
I don’t understand what’s wrong

Creality software and technical support are a joke.
So don’t count on help from them.
Try turning on “PLA preheating” just before printing.

It’s usually either that your SD card has become corrupt and needs re-formatting or it could be something simple as the filename being too long. Try shortening the file name and see if that works first, if not re-format your SD card and see if that fixes it.


Were you able to figure out what was wrong with your CR-10 S Pro V2…?

Maybe someone else is having that problem and might need help… :+1:

Long file names and having files inside folders are not recommended
are you printing via card or network?
I have seen issues with NEO’s that refuse to print if say you have just changed filament and the nozzle temp is still at 200+