Thickness of the initial layer

Hello I’m new and I have a question, my initial layer of filament touching the table is very flat (it’s ~0.10 mm thick and quite wide (it’s definitely not 0.4 mm as the nozzle diameter would indicate)) I’m using a 0.4 mm thick nozzle. Is it normal that this first layer is so flat? The final print is fine, leveling is also well done (the distance between the nozzle and the table is ~1 mm (the thickness of a sheet of notebook paper))

Your initial first layer should be wider which is good because that helps it stick to the bed. If your distance from the nozzle is good. (paper thickness) and the bed is level it sounds like your settings are close or right on. …
Share a pic of a first layer if you get a chance.

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What do you think?

What slicer are you using and is there an adjustment for that…?

I use Creality Print and mostly use the default settings for outer wall width which is .42 mm.

The layer height would depend on your quality settings.

I use UltiMaker Cura, the settings you have in the picture

So are your prints not coming out ok…? The first layer looks good… :grinning:

The prints are coming out fine, thanks for reassuring me that my first layer is good, thanks! :wink: