Touch pad screen not working

Almost ready to return my printer, although this is not what I wanted.
Had the printer delivered to me on the 23rd of December and has worked great for a few days, then the touch screen stopped responding.
The plus side, is that I can still print and use the machine from the computer, but as I get closer to the end of the spool, I won’t be able to reload.
So far, the Australian creality store has not responded to any e-mail.
I then contacted and they asked for proof and pictures and video which I happily supplied. That was on the 9th of January. No response, very poor service, my patience is wearing thin.
Strangely I hadn’t had a chance to use it for a week, and when I turned it on, it displayed that it had detected an update, surprisingly I was able to select the update, so maybe it’s not the touch screen hardware. But after the update, there is still no touch, it goes blank after a time, and you cannot touch to wake it.
I guess if they don’t contact me in the next few days, my only recourse is to return in for a full refund under Australian consumer law.

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The only thing I can think of is to disconnect that display cable and and make sure the connection is secure. Sometimes vibrations from the printer will shake that cable and possibly cause problems…

Maybe try the factory “reset to default” option.

Thanks for the input.
Unfortunately, after the factory reset, it asks for language, and since I cannot use the touch to set it, the printer is now as good as a boat anchor for 3D printing.

@terryfogg rather than awaiting contact via email I would recommend either contacting Creality support via the Creality app live chat or via the Facebook support group as they will be much faster than the store/email method. Support get inundated with emails all the time so its often quicker to contact them through one of the live chats mentioned above. Good luck and hope you get it fixed… sounds like a faulty mainboard which Creality will ship to you if it is the case.

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