Trouble updating laser to 3.0.5 on Falcon2 22W

I have successfully updated my master software to 3.0.5. I’m not having much luck with the laser module. I have checked everything 3 times, against the instructions, but when I power the cutter up, the laser just goes through its normal startup sequence - there are no cycling orange lights. Any ideas?

Hard to say.

I know the update isn’t long - it literally only took 2-3 seconds when I did it on my laser - the main uinit took a bit longer if I recall.
Is it possible it updated but you didn’t catch it, and subsequest updates just ignore it?

About your other thread, did the main unit upgrade fix anything?
What I mean is that if you are back to “normal”, it may have happened without you knowing.

I suspect you might be right - the laser head update was so fast maybe I missed it. All I can do is assume that’s the case. It’s a shame there’s no way to see the version of software loaded.

I had the same thought about knowing/checking what is the current version…