Unable to level bed or set Z offset with 4.2.7 board

I’ve just installed a v4.2.7 “silent” board in my Ender 3, with the current Ender 3 v4.2.7 firmware from the Creality site, to replace the stock v4.2.2 board which has been running trouble-free for almost a year. When I select ‘Level bed’ the BLTouch device probes 9 points on the bed, but when I then start a print (with Fade Height = 10) the Z-axis makes no movement to take account of the levels detected by the BLTouch probe.

When I select ‘Probe Z Offset’ I can immediately alter the value, but the head does not move so that I can check the clearance from the bed, like it does with the v4.2.2 board. So I just have to try different numbers until I get a good result. That surely can’t be right.

After I’ve levelled the bed, set the probe Z offset, and selected the fade height I save the parameters, and they are still there next time I power up the Ender 3. Your help on what I’m obvously doing wrong would be appreciated.

Hi @abenn and welcome to the forums.

I would double check that you are using the correct firmware as there are several version available for the Ender 3 or each of the boards and also firmwares for each board that uses a probe.

In theory you will want to endure you are using the Ender-3 Marlin2.0.6HW4.2.7 BLTouch Filament firmware.

Ender 3 firmwares are all available from the following link…
Ender-3 Software & Firmware Download

Thanks Nikoli. I had assumed there must be a different firwares, but the one you’ve mentioned is exactly what I’m using, from this Creality site.

This afternoon I put the v4.2.2 board back in so that I could continue printing :roll_eyes:

Glad to hear you were using the correct firmware :slight_smile:

It does sound like it could possibly be a faulty board. I hope you manage to find a solution soon!

I have the same problem. have you found a solution or you still running the old board?

Oh dear, it seems I’ve committed the sin of posting the same problem in two different places!

I’ve been using the 4.2.7 board successfully for some time now, with driver Ender-3_HW4.2.7_SW2.0.8.28_CRTOUCH_standard which someone in another thread gave me a link to. It’s not the one that’s in the Creality downloads list for Ender 3 4.2.7 board.

The same person said it’s better to go direct to the Marlin site to get firmware for the Ender, and I shall be doing that shortly because the firmware I’m using, although it prints okay, most of the time doesn’t retain its settings when powered off, reverting to Chinese language and losing the Z-offset value that I’d input.

I’ll try and find the other thread so I can give credit and give you a link.

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Found it! The other thread, which gave me the correct answer, is in fact in another forum. Click on this link to read it.

(So I haven’t sinned – I didn’t post twice in this forum :wink: )