Under extrusion on K1

Today it’s been 2 weeks that I’ve received my printer, and I’m really frustrated I’m getting a lot of problems with it.

The last week it’s been impossible to print anything. I’ve bought new filament, and couldn’t print because of under extrusion problems, I’ve returned the filament, and bought a roll of Creality PETG. Then I’ve realized that there is a problem at the printer extruder. The pulleys are misaligned. One of them is slightly bent, and filament doesn’t get enough grip, Sometimes I’m having problems inserting or removing the filament because of this.

My 6-year old almost self made printer is more reliable than this. I wish I can get this fixed.

Can you provide pictures and video of the extruder kit gears that are bent and need to be replaced in the extruder kit. Check: can you move the gears up and down with your hands after the gears are fixed. Normally it cannot be moved.

I’ve opened a case to support and they’re going to replace it.Gears are rock solid, but slightly bent and doesn’t bite the filament firmly.

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I had the same issue on a K1. Received a new extruder which solved the under extrusion problem. It was like a different machine. I’ve since upgraded to a K1 Max and it performs great. I hope you get a new extruder which should take care of that problem. Creality also put out a firmware update a little while ago for the K1 that mentioned an underextruding issue…

I had a similar issue

I removed the small top bearing and shaved down the pin with a dremmel tool to give it some room. Much better results

Here’s a better pic

  1. Contact after-sales customer service to replace the extrusion kit.
  2. Set the cutting software to default parameters.

I’ve already contacted the customer support and will receive a replacement extrusion kit. In this meantime, I’ve designed a temporary fix, and so far it’s working really good. Printed in ASA, 60% infill. After a few more tests, I’ll publish it in thingiverse or printables. Already have an idea to make a better version, but will wait for the new extruder to arrive, so I don’t have to mount and unmount the extruder between some fine adjustments.