Upgrade Ender3 Pro Motherboard V4.2.2 to 4.2.7

I have an ENDER3 Pro with an original BL touch. It is a very good device.
Unfortunately the motherboard broke and I have to buy a new one.
Is the Creality Ender 3 V2 V4.2.7 Silent Motherboard 32 Bit Mainboard with TMC 2225 ok?
The cable of the BL-touch is split into a plug with 3 and 2 connectors.
What firmware can I use so that I don’t have to change anything on the BL-Touch cabling?
Thanks for a reply.

Hi @K-Str and welcome to the forums.

Personally I would recommend getting the 4.2.2 board as there seems to be more firmwares for the 4.2.2 than the 4.2.7 and also some people sometimes have issues with the touch probes on the 4.2.7 boards.

Hi @Nikoli,
thanks a lot for your answer
I got already a new board.
It works quiet good except the problem with the bl-touch. Maybe I connect it to the wrong connector.

Glad to hear the new board is working ok, unfortunately I cant help with the bl-touch issues as I have seen several others swap the boards and run into this issue with no real resolution to the issue. Some say the issue is due to the cable used for the touch probe. Apparently there are 2 types of cables, ones with the split and ones without, the ones without the split cable are supposedly suitable for the 4.2.7 boards.

Hi @Nikoli
thanks a lot for your answer. I modified the connector as you suggested. Now the BL-Touch works too.
I use the Marlin 2.0.6 firmware. But I miss the Z-probe wizzard in the configuration menue. Is there any way to activat this?

Glad to hear you now have the probe working properly :slight_smile:

In regards to the z probe wizard… I believe this was only available on certain printers, I am led to believe its due to the screen or chip in the screen not being compatible or capable of using the wizard.

Most times it’s the firmware not being setup correctly. I can only say that it worked for me.

Hello @jmartens1114
yes you are right You have to modify the source code of the Firmware. But I don’t know which one I need.

My apologies for later response. I was locked out of forum for a short time. IP address or something. Marlin is what creality uses as an firmware. There’s a service and forum I use for firmware for my ender3 pro. Marlin custom firmware I believe is the name (that’s the google search I use to find it). Spend some time there and see if you can work out what you need. Be aware it’s a paid service.
In future though, could you provide a little more info with your questions? I’m just guessing at this point if I’m really helping

Hello @jmartens1114 ,
thanks for your answer.
I use this firmware version: Ender3Marlin2.0.6HW4.2.7BLTouch.bin which I donwnloaded from the Ender homepage.
But there is no z probe whizzard activated. Which firmware fits to this one but with the z probe whizzard. Or do I need a source code to modify and compile?

You know what, you may be able to find the version you need in GitHub . I
Suggested you try
They have a service and forum that might be able to help you

Otherwise teaching tech on you tube has excellent tutorial on changing and compiling Marlin.