Upgrading Ender 3S1 with New v4.2.7 Board

Here’s to hoping someone here has come across this situation and has a solution.

I recently swapped out my OEM Ender 3 board for the new v4.2.7 …
I also updated the extruder board with NathanBuildsRobots modder board. There is also an BLTouch to replace the OEM version. The BLTouch will come later.

Here is my first question / dilemma. For as long as I have had this printer, a USB cable has been connected to the Creality board. If power is turned ON, printer comes to life. I print, I finish, power turned OFF. If I disconnect USB cable and print from the local SD Card, I print, I finish, all is good. I wish to now connect the USB cable, DONE. NO ALARMING BEEPS or BUZZES.

Now comes in the v4.2.7 board. Plugged in all connections (except for Filament Sensor).
Moment of Truth

Turned power ON. New board BLUE LED on board lights up, and within 2 seconds emits an alternating beep / buzz sound. Display comes up with Creality logo, nothing more. Waited and after a minute or so, turned power OFF.

Here is the dilemma part… Power Connected but OFF. Disconnected USB cable for troubleshooting purposes. Troubleshooting Done for now, so with power still OFF, went to connect the USB cable (which is connected to my computer BTW), and the board comes to life. Buzzing and Beeping to beat the band.

Anyone ever seen this behavior before, and how to I cancel it?

Second Question. When flashing my v4.2.7 board, is it required that all switches, motors, elements, etc be connected? I would think it could be done barebone…

I’m not sure but I think someone here mentioned that it might be a good idea to upgrade one part at a time so you can pinpoint any problems and what part is causing it. Just a thought…??? :thinking:

Oh and by the way @USAF-Retired Welcome to the Creality Forum. Thank you for your service and for being a part of the community here… Hopefully an Ender detective can solve your dilemma.

That is sooo true. That is why I took the modder board out of the equation and put back the OEM board. I still get the same result. Can’t get past the beeping.

Right now, the only thing connecting to this board the ribbon cable for the display, and the RED and BLACK main power leads.

Still the same issue.

WHOA, wait a minute. I just unplugged the ribbon cable for the display, and no beeping.
I’ll have to check, maybe I have the ribbon orientation off, although I am fairly certain when I extended my cable, I had the ribbon positioned right.

Motherboards have attitudes. Can you put the original back in a see what happens with the new extruder board…

Well, after further troubleshooting, here is where I am at the moment.

With only the display and the 24v power connection, I put the OEM board back inside.
Power ON, BLUE LED is ON (yes), obnoxious beeping / buzzing sound, NO (YEAH)

When I purchased the v4.2.7 board, I also bought the BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 board.
So I hooked up the SKR Mini using same ribbon cable, same OEM display, same power.
Beeping is BACK.

Purchased at the same time as the SKR Mini is the BigTreeTech TFT 35 display. Just spit-balling, I removed the old OEM Ender 3 S1 Display and connected the TFT 35. Still at this time using the ribbon cable connecting the TFT 35 to the EXP1 10p port.

What do you know!!! No Beeping, Buzzing. Display came up, showed me menu options, and since it is touch screen, jumped around numerous areas with zero problems.

Conclusion… With the OEM ribbon cable connecting the OEM Display, the issue is there. So, either the OEM display is totally incompatible with the new boards, or the OEM ribbon cable pinout at either end is not configured properly. And since I have Zero pinout configs for the display on the v4.2.7 board and the display connection, I will not proceed to check it.
But I will use the BTT TFT35 display, it seems to want to play nice with either board.

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Wow you got it. :star_struck: Excellent detective work sir. Really glad you got it working…

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Excellent detective work and glad to see the issue was resolved :slight_smile:

In regards to…

When connecting a USB cable 5v is supplied to the printer which is just about enough voltage to power the screen but not the mainboard. This is normal beahviour due to the way USB cables carry 5v. On my E3 V2 Klipper setup I have a small piece of electrical tape covering just the 5v pin on the USB cable to prevent the screen being awoken by the USB cable being plugged in :slight_smile:

I hear what you are saying, it just looked Totally Wrong from my point of view and how it had been working for me since buying it.
Putting tape on the #5 pin, did you ever consider just pulling the #5 pin from the female connector? I know those wires are quite small and delegate (breaks just looking at them).
I’d be very interested.

Well, not working just yet but working my way there.
Thank you for the support, everyone.

I didn’t bother trying to mess around with the micro usb end of the cable, instead it was easier to just apply a tab of tape to the USB A end of the cable as its easy to access.