USB-C connector

What is the USB-C port on the KE controller used for?


The only USB-C port I could see was to the left hand side of the chassis, but that isn’t connected on the KE, it is the same moulding as the SE which does have a USB-C. The controller has 2 USB ports for connecting cameras, memory sticks or lights.

It is on the underside of the touchpad controller.

I just had the correct cable for my accelerometer (vibration compensation) and that cable has USB-C so I can only assume they are using it as a serial connection for that.

I ran the vibration compensation test, it does use the USB-C connection as thought. Couldn’t find a decent bracket for the Y-axis so drilled and tapped 2 holes on the metal plate, the sensor can stay there permanently now as I have a spare for the X-axis if I need to run it again. Does the compensation make any difference? I can’t see any difference on the before and after benchy prints, best I print one at maximum speed and have a look.