V2 neo/ pro help

I have a ender 3 v2 neo, it kept loosing temp. I did pid tuning via pronterface and it failed to reach the set 220c. I replaced the thermistor and no change, so figuring I needed a new heating element I decided to transfer the crtouch to my ender 3 pro since I planned on ordering one for it anyway, and since the neo is down figured why not. The pro board didn’t have a spot for the crtouch so I transferred boards as well, again since both are gonna get a skr I figured why not. so I get it all working and did pid tune, everything worked good, set temp at 220c and again it fails, so I’m thinking its the board.

Any ideas?

update. reset to defaults and did the built in pid tune, worked great. tested it by manually setting temp at 220. reached temp like it should.

went to start a print and it stays about 10c low and pauses print

just redid autotune and temps worked perfect

so narrowed it down, did auto tune. start a print. prints great. shut off printer and turn back on heating fails. its not storing the autotune setting even after i tell it to.