V3 KE 1st layer issue solved

I just wanted put an observation about my experience with the V3 KE out there for brand new users like myself.

I’ve only been printing for a month and 85% of that time was spent trying to troubleshoot some very annoying 1st layer printing issues which prevented me from successfully and consistently making prints. After one month of daily use, tweaking speed, flow, width, Z… I was almost ready to give up but decided to run one last Z calibration test print and came to the conclusion that the issue was not with any settings I could adjust, it was hardware related.

Upon testing the bed heating with a Infrared thermometer it was evident that there were a number of cool spots up to -10 degrees. Those cool spot appeared most significantly in the mid point of the bed to the back Y and spanned about 4 inches on the X and was exactly where my 1st layer failed to stick every time.

Long story short I just received the replacement I ordered and after auto calibration, using the same filaments, and without any tweaking except for speed (lithophanes) all my prints 1st layers have been beautiful and stick perfectly!

New printer

Old Printer with faulty bed heating.

I’m wondering how many users who are experiencing 1st layer issues think it’s a Z adjustment when it’s actually a faulty bed heating issue? Hopefully this will help one person from loosing their mind trying to fix the issue! :open_mouth: