Vase mode not showing up under "specialized modes" in Creality Print 5.0

I have “advanced parameters” on, but vase mode (spiralize) does not show up as an option. Searching for “vase” directs me to the “Special Mode” list, but it’s not there, as shown below. I’ve looked for a way to show more parameters in settings and preferences (I know how to do it in Cura), but can’t find it.

Other (the 4 circles)>special mode>spiral vase check the box, you don’t have to be in advanced mode.

Yep, that’s where I’m looking, but no listing for “spiral vase”. Only slicing mode and fuzzy skin. The choices for slicing mode are: Regular, Even-odd, and Close holes.

Got it now. Had to switch from “Object” to "Global.