Very bad experience with creality customer service Cr- 10s non functional after connecting to sonic pad

Long story short

after I connected the sonic pad to my cr-10s , it would say not connected . Reset both pad and printer , also reflash firmware on both. Printer doesnt work anymore on it own, wont go to home , wont turn on fans , wont heat bed , wont move in any axis. Just turns on and power up.

Creality suggestion , well it wasnt any they just told me the sonic pad isn’t compatible with my printer after a month of back and forth and slow replies. And to get a refund which I can’t cause the time past .

Also my printer still doesnt work , when it worked perfectly fine before i got the sonic pad. So im stuck.

Can i turn the sonic pad into a andriod tablet since its paper weight now?

Did you flash the Klipper firmware successfully on the CR-10S?

You can also do it without the Sonic Pad, there are plenty of tutorials for it

It will run Klipper 100% and you can get it to work with the Sonic Pad, maybe it’s not one of the out of the box supported printers, but after you have flashed the Klipper Firmware you can use any printer.cfg on the Sonic Pad, also one for the CR-10S.