Voronoi Heart πŸ’“

Voronoi Heart Decoration Frikarte3D

YouTube Video: Unlock the Magic: Crafting a Breathtaking 3D Printable Voronoi Heart

  • Printing Machine: K1
  • Selected materials: Overture Wine PLA
  • Print settings: Settings: 0.2mm layer height, 15% infill, tree supports, and default parameters for all other settings.
  • Time spent on printing: 10h
  • Description: Voronoi Heart is a 3D printable model that lets you create your own stunning and romantic heart decoration using the voronoi pattern. It is inspired by the mathematical concept of voronoi diagrams, which divide a space into regions based on the distance to a set of points. It features a beautiful heart shape with a flat bottom that allows it to stand on any surface. The model also has a complex and intricate pattern of holes and curves that create a striking visual effect.
  • Provide relevant originality proof: Voronoi Heart | 3D models download | Creality Cloud
  • Country/Region: Catalonia / Spain

I know the image is crap, but that’s an screenshot of my Voronoi Heart on the Creality 10th Anniversary Event! Thanks whoever on the Creality think to give my model to Zora at the beginning of the stream next to Sam and Kevin