Warning key:2401 Unknown exception

I have the V3 KE for 1 week and it was working perfectly, today when I tryed to print Iam getting this error

Warning key:2401 Unknown exception

Hello @eduardobaruch

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We have a discussion about that error code here. :arrow_heading_down:

Link to Error Code Discussion

Check this out and see if there is anything that would help.

Ender 3 V3 Ke Troubleshooting Guide

I reset to factory and it is working again, maybe there are bugs on the firmware official version I update 2 days ago

Glad it’s working again… :clinking_glasses:

I’ve seen errors pop up on mine and others and after reboot or factory reset it doesn’t come back…

I had one come up earlier, I think it was 2396 temperature sensor out of range, I put this down to the printer being in the shed, at the bottom of the garden in the middle of winter, probably -2C. Quick power cycle and off she prints.

Ha Ha… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That is one tough printer you got there… :+1:

hello! how do you do a factory reset? Since it doesn’t go beyond the initial configuration for me? Thank you!