We would like to hear about your experience using the CrealityPrint V5

Hello everyone! It’s been some time since the release of version 5.0, and we would like to hear about your experience using the software.

Please click the link below to share your thoughts:

PS: There might be surprises waiting for you!


Hello . Congratulations on the work you have done and thank you !
The environment and the colors and the ergonomics in your software are almost perfect !

I think if a little work is done on the profiles and the algorithm to improve the print quality as well then you will have the best software in the world .
It would also be smart to add some new unique features.

I believe that it is very good for every company to have sophisticated software exclusively and only for its printers,because in this way settings are channeled exclusively from the printer manufacturers and then you can develop the software and print quality in a flash.

Well done, very good work !

Thanks for that question regarding experiencest with Creality P5, but for that moment I closed case “playing with PRINT5”. Let me explain why.

  1. PRINT5 is ported from ORCA, just different user interface and limited functions.
  2. When ORCA release new version, how long take to Creality to make an upgrade for PRINT5? Month, half year? Perhaps… The question then remains, how many new errors will be created during this process.
  3. At this moment there is no usable documentation and description of their functions. Orca is very well documented and there are plenty of forums with discussions about ORCA settings and optimization.
  4. All ORCA settings are placed in logical categories. I simply find the settings I need where I would logically expect them. I don’t have to search, I don’t have to guess, I don’t have to desperately ask. I really don’t have time for that.
  5. I don’t have to worry about new versions. I know I can easily export all the print mode settings, material settings and so on from the old version. And I can easily import them into the new version. The stress between CR CURA > CR PRINT4 > CR PRINT5 is for masochists, but I don’t really have such appetites. :crazy_face: I’ve already sent a few queries to CR support about the portability of settings. And of course – no reply. I’m rooting for this company, but I really can’t work like this…
  6. CR PRINT5 supports only the latest action models of CREALITY printers. Support for older models is not yet available. Who knows if maybe, someday, well probably ever… …and or never. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using the vastly improved Ender-3 NEO connected via SonicPad. CR PRINT4 sort of works with SonicPad, but I’m not thrilled about it, more embarrassed. CR PRINT5 works with SonicPad in a different way, but it’s also not a miracle for a single company ecosystem! It doesn’t work better or worse, just only differenly. So disappointing.
But now I have connected it to ORCA and ALELUJA! It suddenly works exactly as I imagined! It works as if it has always been an integral part of this slicer and on the first try. I just entered the IP address and ORCA took care of everything else. Awesome! It’s working perfectly, the way it’s supposed to, finally! But why doesn’t it work perfectly too with the Creality slicer? That’s a question for someone else…
So I spent this afternoon creating my printer printing settings and modes for ORCA, including image of my tuned and improved printer, bed and now I’m migrating the customized materials settings from CR CURA. Oh, and I’m definitely done with PRINT5. When I do the complete migration to the ORCA slicer, I’ll uninstall CR CURA and both PRINTs and just keep ORCA itself on my comp. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not just to criticize — my recommendation (subjective opinion)
I’m a satisfied fan of Creality company and I think the programmers did a great job. But they are obviously under a big time pressure and cannot manage everything in time, they are only people after all. Great people, but they’re not robots.
So how would I do it?
I would take the whole ORCA SLICER as it is, but I would make an extension to it that would be installed to the existing ORCA installation.
This add-on CREALITY extension could change the GUI a bit (cosmetically), but mainly it would complement all CREALITY printers, so that they are all there. Surely Creality doesn’t throw loyal users (just with older Creality 3d printers) overboard, right?
So that there is a complete set of all necessary settings for Creality 3d printers, that means all available nozzle sizes and so on. And with the possibility of official modifications as well (for example, replacing the standard extruder with a Creality Sprite extruder and so on).
In addition, of course, parameters for Creality consumables such as filaments. If there was a basic setting for all available Creality Filaments — it would also encourage further sales.
And everyone would be happy.
Well, if there was a problem with the program — no one could curse Creality, Creality would only provide an extension of the program, it would not actually interfere with the code itself. All SW upgrades would then be available practically immediately directly from ORCA (GitHub) or indirectly through the CREALITY download center.

Maybe I’m looking at it too naively, but this path seems to me to be much easier and more convenient for both parties — for Creality and for the large community of loyal users.


The only thing I would request is allowing gcode upload for standard Klipper printer. I have to use export gcode and then upload via browser to use CR Print-5 with my DaVinci 1.0… other than that, I’ve enjoyed running it through its paces :wink:

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Thank you but, on mac m1, the software have many problems not resolved when you slice something, it take time or freeze… Well I will show on a pc when I have time… I prefer Orca actually… But I need just to slice and save on the usb key…

It is really nice, except that it does not generate usable data :slight_smile:

Fantastic upgrade. I was actually using Bambu Studio because the support interface was far superior to CP prior to V5. Now, out of the box, your support interface settings break clean every time. My only real complaint is I have trouble keeping track of ‘preset profiles’ compared to the previous version. I’d like to be able to set a material, set speed, temp, infill etc and store that whole setup. To me it feels like some of the settings default and you need to pay attention to every one, every print.

Still not working for win 10 pro…

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Ekran görüntüsü 2024-07-06 135430

After making a few settings in print 5.1, it gives an error as shown in the picture. But it produces without any problems. Also, as you can see in the picture, it shows 5 hours, but it shows different time during production.