Weird issue on my k1

So my k1 max just started printing like this yesterday. What I mean by just is, from a good print to a really bad one. I tried calibrating it to no avail. I did root it some time ago, and updated the firmware after doing so - maybe it has to do something. I linked a picture of how a print looks like. Worth mentioning that filament does not matter it just does this even with the hyper series black pla.

If you rooted prior to updating your firmware then I would highly recommend performing a factory reset of the printer as generally changes do get made between firmware updates and anything done via root c could interfere with updated files/configurations.

How can i perform such reset?

You should be able to factory reset the machine from the settings menus on the printer but if that doesnt work there is a tool you can use to force a factory reset.

Here is a link to the tool if you need it…
K1 Series - Reset Factory Settings

So i did the reset and it helped but not completely. It is much better than it is in those previous pictures, but the print quality was much better beforehand. Here is a benchy mid and after print. You can clearly see ghosting and I think a little bit of rough texture, but also the chimney is still just a blob (after printing).

Glad to hear the reset helped somewhat. Looking at your pictures you seem to be using the KAMP script as part of your printing process so I am guessing you have rooted your printer to add some mods?

If so did you do the input shaper fix to try and cure some of the ghosting issues?

I would also recommend calibrating your filament as it looks like you may be printing that filament too hot or with an incorrect flow rate. Silk/shiny filament will always show artifacts much more than standard PLA’s but I do think you need to tune your filament with a temperature tower, flow rate test and also a retraction test to ensure your prints come out as clean as possible.

Sorry for not replying. I was doing some tests and after replacing the hotend the issue was resolved. Thank you for help.

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