Weird question about environment temperatures

Hi there!

I have a weird question about environment temperatures.
Due to the smoke, I’ll be setting up my laser in the garage.
I have an enclosure (the Creality one which is black with orange windows), which will be installed permanently to protect the Falcon from dust.
However, being in Quebec where temperatures can get quite cold, and having a bare minimum of heating in the garate - just to ensure it’s always above freezing point - I was wondering if the temperature can affect the laser and/or it’s working ability.
I suspect it shouldn’t, but am wondering if someone has an opinion/experience with this.
BTW, even though the garage can get quite cold, it’s never humid to the point we can feel the humidity - I would say it’s not worst than in the house.


Some info here in this discussion that might help you:

Working Temps for Laser and manual

Hey! Thanks for the info!
I’ll add a thermometer in my garage to check temperature - I should be in the lower range. The good thing is that with the enclosure, the temperature should raise rapidly if it’s too low…but I’ll make sure to be above that.
Thanks again!