What causes a runaway heat nozzle Ender 3 V3 SE

I’ve been struggling with issues regarding heat at the nozzle. I had one issue with filament melting everywhere.

Next I had stringing issues and changed the nozzle. Next thing I know the nozzle temp is rising for no reason (260/0) before it causes the alarm. Creality is sending me a Nozzle Replacement Kit but it hasn’t even been shipped yet (contacted about it 5 days ago). This printer hasn’t even been out of the box for a month and right now it’s an incredibly expensive paper weight.

This issue is usually either caused by the first layer not sticking to the bed and peeling up and getting caught in the nozzle, or, the nozzle/hotend wasnt secured fully and filament was able to leak out.

Glad to hear support are sending you a replacement, hopefully you will get confirmation soon, they have been very backlogged recently.

Thanks for the response. It may have been a first layer not sticking issue but the print had already been 75% completed and was adhered at that point. We had not changed out the nozzle yet so maybe that had something to do with it. Hopefully I hear from them soon.

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