What is an Ender 3 E

I bought an Ender 3 E and am very confused as I find almost no information on this unit. What is it most closely related to? Thank you

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Ender 3 E Manual and downloads

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Thank you for that. I do have that printed, but part of my problem is looking for a more detailed explaination: i.e. An explanation as to each and every item on the menu 1. What does TUNE mean and how is it used; 2. FLOW definition and how that may affect the print and how to change it accordingly as a default, PREHEAT PLA CONF and what that mean.
I am sorry to be so stupid, but I would seriously like to be proficient in 3D Printing.
Thank you again for any help, TOM

I had no clue as to how to use a 3D scanner so I joined different forums and learned a lot. this Creality forum has helped and someone might have an Ender 3 E.

You might want to join the Ender 3 group and hopefully get some questions answered.