What is the proper sequence of applying the Nebula Kit firmware

I just received my Nebula kit and it looks like the .BIN is for the printer and I think the .IMG is for the display unit itself.

The installation docs are at best… sparse.

I would think the proper sequence would be…

  1. Flash the printer using the SD card and the supplied .BIN file
  2. Flash the Nebula screen using a clean USB drive and the .IMG file, plugging that into the Nebula screen unit (with no other USB drives plugged in).

I’m I correct?

Also, my E3v2 is running on a v4.2.2 MB and I have a Spider V3 Hot End, any issues/conflicts with said configuration and the Nebula kit?


I had issues with the firmware on the supplied memory stick with my V3 SE printer.
I found with some difficulty the Creality Ecosystem where they put the Nebula firmware.

Look at the 3D print software and match with your model. this is what I put on the SD card.
Also look for the revised Creality print software which takes into account the Klipper settings for your Nebula Pad.
Good luck, as the documentation for the different models is sparse to say the least.
I got my SE working and I am impressed so far.