What is your most useful tool you have 3D printed?

Just wondering. I’ve seen lots of videos type of “You MUST 3D print this tool…” and at the end it is a tool already printed, lol.

For me is this measuring device for screws. And, not precisely a tool per se, but my Tapo c200 camera mount for my S1.

What’s yours?

I printed that metric version for measuring bolts and screws…

Really comes in handy… :+1:

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Most handy prints I have done so far are axis alignment tool and belt tension gauges to help make setting the belt tension on the K1 easier and correct.

Creality K1 and K1 Max XY axes alignment tool

Creality K1 belt tension meter

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Sounds like there are a lot of “engineers” here but I’m not so my “useful” things may pale in comparison but they work for me! :grinning: All are my personal designs. I just have fun designing practical things. I’m not a “trinket” person.

  1. Sponge holder

  2. Comb (hair)

  3. Bed scraper

  4. 90° Corner cable/headphone holder

  5. Custom GoPro Hero 3 Panoramic Adapter for 360 shooting

  6. Custom Nikon EnEl3 and GoPro battery magazines

  7. Custom Cut sheet alignment guide for my Epson 7900

  8. Phone/Tablet Holders

  9. Other cool things for my business

I just started printing last month so I haven’t had a lot of “alone time” to design more useful things (which is why I purchased a 3D printer)

I’ll probably look into mods for my Phantom 2 this summer.