Where do I find the "hole horizontal expansion" setting in Creality print?

Hi. I’m used to working with Cura. Just bought an Ender 3 v3 Ke and trying out Creality print.

I cant find a setting to compensate for the smaller holes that are printed. I need dimensionaly accurate holes…

Its called “hole horizontal expansion” in Cura…


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Not sure if this will help you…From what I’ve read it doesn’t work well in Creality Print. Something to maybe try though…

In Creality Print:-
Shell>wall ordering>outside to inside might help too.

Thanks for the replies. Good tips, but not exactly what i was looking for. Horizontal expansion expands the whole item (and usually makes the hole smaller :slight_smile:

I have moved on to Orca-slicer. There I have full control.