Which firmware to use? ender 3d pro. blue screen of death

Ender 3d pro stopped printing and and It gave me the blue screen of death. I just hit the control button and it stared heating up and started printing again with just a blue screen. it did this 3 more times during a 16 hour print. I checked all cables and I even turned off and unplugged several times. still just a blue screen and fans running. so I, am trying to do the firmware thing. Flashing I think its called. the chip had these #'s
990KW 9U
MYS 99 004


and these are the options I downloaded. Does any of these look right? Or did I download the wrong zip file.
Any help would be greatly appreciated with any help with this blue screen of death. Thank You

When it comes to flashing firmwares you generally need to check which mainboard version you have in your printer as this will help you narrow down which firmware you will need. IIRC there are a few different firmwares for that printer depending on which mainboard you have and which extruder you have.

All the firmwares for the Ender 3 Pro can be found here:
Ender 3 Pro - Firmwares and User Manual

If you get stuck post a picture of your mainboard along with a photo of the extruder your printer has and what year the printer is as this might help someone assist you locate the correct firmware for your specific printer :slight_smile:

thank you will try this.

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