Which printer excites you the most? 🌟

:keycap_ten: A Decade and Beyond.
Reflecting on a decade of Creality.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :heartpulse:
Let’s witness our journey from 2014 to now, where history meets innovation, looking forward together as we lead in 3D printing for the next decade.

What excites you the most? :star2:


The K2 Plus with the CFS! :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::exploding_head:


Ender-3 V3

I am really interested in the New Ender-3 V3 Plus Core XZ with the larger build plate of 300 x 300. I have the Ender-3 V3 Core XZ with the 220 x 220 build plate and it is a very well performing machine…

Also looking forward to the New K2 Plus with a Creality Filament System (CFS) for multi color printing…!!! It’s got a larger build volume @ 350 x 350…!!


After watching the anniversary livestream and looking over the specs, I lean toward the Ender 3v3 Ke. It’s faster than my original Ender 3 and would be a nice upgrade to the shop.

Max Neo just died due to my poor tinkering with Klipper, I have my eyes on the K2 Plus right now, but I’m not sure I can hold out till the end of July. Might grab a V3 Plus to hold me over.

I like the box next the printer :hugs:
I will start working on a multicolor versions with the new CFS released :tada:

K2plus looks awesome, at last creality made an x axis with proper linear rails, also the build volume is a big plus.