Why are Layers Shifting?

Hey everyone. I’ve been having issues with layers shifting on every print only on the Y-axis(shifting to the front). I’ve had my E3 S1 Plus for less than a month, I calibrated it multiple times: leveled the bed manually and auto more than once before a print, tighten the belts made sure they are not loose or too tight, same with bearings. I’ve also adjusted the Z-axis during the print thinking I may be too close to the bed, lowered my print speeds to 50mm/s. I even tried different PLA and slicer software from Creality Print to Cura.
Did I get a bad printer?

I want to say something is loose on the bed because isn’t that from loose belts…?
But you checked all that… Hmm…

That’s what youtube also said. I’m at the point where I think I got a bad printer.
Printed this less than an hour ago

These issues are usually a sign of loose belts, I would recommend checking over the printhead and bed to make sure nothing can wobble, if it can then adjust the nuts to tighten them up to remove the wobble. Then I would recommend checking over your belts, they do not want to be too tight but also not too loose. You should be able to pluck them with your finger but not so loose that they are floppy.

I appreciate your advised and recommendations but the belts are nowhere near loose and yes, I am able to pluck like a guitar string but not tight to the point where they may snap. This has been printing issue for the last month since I started using this printer. I’m at the point where I think it could be the Y-axis motor.

Did you try to do the same maintenance with roller wheels for the Z Axis? Same happened to me today.

Yeah made sure the bearings are not too tight or loose.

If you are only seeing layer shifting in one direction then its usually the belt that needs re-tensioning. For example if you print a model and the layer shifting is on the front and back of the print then its usually the Y axis belt. If you are seeing the layer shifting on the right and left sides of the model as its printed then its usually an issue with the X axis belt.

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